Fraud Management Outsourcing

MPServices adds a layer of management and knowledge that allows businesses to maximize sales while minimizing fraudulent pressure. Taking advantage of the study of the regulations, the tools of the market and an exhaustive knowledge of the sector, we are able to achieve the most ambitious goals.

Analysis of fraudulent chargebacks

Redefining Fraud Patterns

Transaction flow

Configuration of rules and risk profiles

Review – Analysis in real time

Detection of false positives

Chargebacks and Fraud

Dispute the counter-charges before the buyer

Business Case

MPServices prepares Business Cases to evaluate the potential improvement of an online business at the checkout of payments. Comprehensive study of payment means, acquisition, fraud management, transaction flow and user experience. A business case makes it possible to quantify the potential for business improvement.

Data Gathering

Analysis and
Business Case

Flow Definition

Fraud Patterns

Tools adaptation


Recovery of Carts 

MPServices can recover abandoned carts generated by the fraud screen.
Fraud screens can generate scenarios with many transaction declinations originating from legitimate customers, false positives. Thanks to the market knowledge, MPServices can make a more accurate estimate of the water of the transactions, and therefore determine which ones should not have been blocked.



At this point, flows and operations can be set to be able to recover the carts, either through regenerating the transaction or by contacting the customers.


False positives detection




Countercharge dispute

At MPServices we generate an additional line of revenue for businesses by efficiently disputing the chargebacks they receive. We articulate a process with ecommerce buyers that is solid and efficient to establish an automated dispute process that achieves the highest possible success rate given the conditions of commerce. To maximize success, we tailor the format and content of disputes based on the country, the issuing bank, the nature of the dispute and the evidence available to the trade.


Business Case

Analysis of processes and systems

Creation Templates

Countercharge dispute




Given the extensive experience of our payment and fraud analysts, MPServices can offer consulting jobs with the most expert insight in the market. We include support or management services for:

Request for Proposal

Study of fraud patterns

Launching in new countries

Opportunities in authorization fees

Efficiency in fraud prevention activities

Study and improvements in the dispute process

Comparison between acquirers